Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Aia se Maatjies Aia se Maatjies

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Aia se Maatjies

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380 Stallion Road

Bilingual daycare for babies 3-24 months

Small class with lots of love and individual attention.

Fully qualified SACE registered teacher/ owner.

After returning to work with my daughter, I never felt quite relaxed about her care. I wanted to be there myself and ensure she got the attention I would've given her if I could. I knew the nursery school would do the basics, but would she get the love and attention I wanted for her?

As a qualified teacher, my standards are very high, and I suspect it may be the reason why no school is good enough for my girl. I hope my high standards will be the norm at Aia se Maatjies, and that it will be a place where kids are stimulated, receive a lot of love, and where they can be happy tiny humans.

I know parents are reluctant to leave their kids with a stranger, and I would love to give parents the assurance that I will look after their little ones to the best of my abilities. I believe children learn through play and experience. Age-specific stimulation will be done with the babies and attention will be given allow each child the opportunity to develop at his or her own pace.

With a lot of thought and determination I decided to open ‘Aia se Maatjies’ in the hopes of it becoming to other children such a place as I was looking for; where babies would get the love necessary to grow into amazing tiny people. I really hope that ‘Aia se Maatjies’ will be that place that will allow mommies to go to work with peace of mind!


What makes Aia se Maatjies unique and special?

  • Small intimate group (max 6)
  • Individual Attention
  • Stimulating Activities
  • Homemade food (or Purity pouches)
  • Opportunity to grow with the group

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