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31 Rembrandt Avenue, Petervale, 2151

Contact: Donna-Lee Forman

Tel: 011 83 1321

Mobile: 083 574 9212

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Hi there Parents

Myname is Donna. I realise that introducing myself like this does not mean a lotuntil you get to know me. However, I thought I would tell you a little aboutmyself and the reasons why I have decided to open “Baby Station”.


Iam a qualified journalist and a High School teacher, however becoming a mommyself has been the most life-changing of all that has happened to me in mylife. Returning to work after maternity leave this year made me acutely awarethat so many parents face the same challenge each day, of having to leave theirlittle blessings somewhere, be it at home with a nanny or with a day mother/crèche. Knowing that your baby is in safe hands makes the transition from beingat home with your baby to returning to work that much more comfortable, andthat is where I come in.


Ihave had previous au pair experience and have completed the Baby Gyminstructor’s course (for more info see As such I am veryaware of the importance of stimulating baby’s gross motor and fine motordevelopment. I am also aware of the importance of touch in ensuring that babyfeels loved and secure. Tactile and sensory development is of prime importanceand thus our care of your baby will be infused with this in mind. We are alsoaware of the importance of tummy time in strengthening baby’s neck andpreparing him/her for crawling. Reaching milestones is also important and so wewill stimulate your baby to assist in milestone development.


Iwish to offer a very special service to moms and dads, in that BabyStation strives to be a very personal and special daycare which willonly accommodate a few number of babies. There is good reason for this: babiesrequire individual attention and care and this is only possible if the daycareremains small. I will have an assistant to help me care for your little onesand both her and I will have attended a first aid and CPR course. I have alsodecided to focus on the age group 0-2 as I believe that this age group shouldbe treated with special care – with special attention to individual needs andwith special focus on milestone development.


TheTherapy Centre is a special place, dedicated to the needs of children and I amvery blessed to have been offered space to open my daycare in such a warm andloving environment. Hopefully being just off Witkoppen will also be veryconvenient for our moms and dads!


BabyStation will be a warm and loving environment for your tiny tot. We will endeavourto strike that balance between stimulating your baby and giving him/her spaceto pace us with regards his/her own development. Baby Station will provide donuts,play gyms, toys, music and gym balls as well as a cot and breathing monitor foreach baby. Each baby will also have a locker to store his/her belongings.


Wewill try to take the babies outside each day for a little fresh air, weatherpermitting. As such, we ask on our list of requirements that each baby is sentwith sunscreen and a hat! J


Pleasealso be aware that the reason we request that parents provide their baby’s foodis due to each baby having significantly different needs with regards to food.There is a fridge on the premises so that formula, expressed milk, purity etccan be safely stored.


Shouldyou require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me:


DonnaForman 0835749212/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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